Statute of international Association Kung Fu Toa -21

Name and address of the Association

The name “International Association Kang FU Toa -21” is in Tampere, Finland-based.

Purpose and type of activity

The aim of the Forum following is the promotion and development of martial arts of Kang FU Toa -21. Community actions to achieve its goals include the following education and training organization, teaching and training sessions, seminars and ceremonies.

Association to continue can receive joining cost and annual fees of the members for its activities. Also, it can request financial assistance, on a small scale, in different organs and to can also accept donations.


Individual has accepted and is willing goals and rules of this community can be a member.

A member joining is performed through membership application and approval by board of directors.

Resignation or dismissal of members

When a member is known as resigned that he/she does it by writing to the board or president or is notified in the Association in recorded meetings of Association and the Association reports to announce his/her resignation.

Board can expel a member from the Association if he is not paid his/her fees, the conditions accepted by him/her during his membership application is in violation, the Association works in or outside the Association considerable losses to be entered Forums and/or other members’ conditions do not happen about his condition.

Joining and annual fees cost

Members are required to pay annual fees to join the forum and accommodation. Amount of annual fees is determined by members of the Association and the annual meeting.


Community Affairs accomplished by the board involving the head and three original members and three alternate members elected at the annual meeting.

Board is elected for one year and the activity period is defined by intervals between annual meetings.

Board required choosing among its members vice president, secretary, treasurer (who performs financial activities) and also the number of employees.

Board meetings are held with the Head of vision or his deputy or with the request from at least half the board members.

Once the board has the power of decision making for forum that president, vice president or at least half of the members are present. Any proposal for approval has necessary to get the most votes. In case of equal votes in favor and opposed to being a draw will be thrown.

Applying the name and signature forum

Forum signature is legally valid by the time two of these people wrote: Head, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

Accounting and Auditing

Association fiscal year is equal to the calendar year.

Decisions taken about financial activities and documents related to its annual report of the board have to be handled to accountant at least three weeks earlier. Accountant has to give written reports at least two weeks before the annual meeting of the Board.

Association meetings

Association annual meeting will be held between January and May due to the Board.

Additional meetings will be held at the annual meeting if its members have decided on them, or the board to detect it needed or at least a tenth of the voting members they have requested it in writing and the significance for a special order. Meeting should be held at the time of thirty-day after the application.

Each member has one vote in Association meetings.

A Summit decision, including approval of recommendations that is reached more than half of the number of members or members of the charter has been mentioned. If votes in favor and against are equal, then the Head of votes will be final decision. If the vote is to select the board votes in favor and against are equal then the draw will be thrown.

Holding Forum meetings

Management should call meeting at least seven days before each meeting by sending a letter, publishing in local newspapers or by e-mail forum for members.

Annual Meeting

In Association annual meetings such cases would be investigated:

Sessions beginning,
Election president of Association, the Chair, two of those investigating reports and if it is necessary, two of those counting votes,
Be legal and decision making power of Community Meeting,
Various stages of holding meetings,
Decision about bank accounts, annual reports and reporting accountant is presented,
Decisions taken about the financial activities of the board and discharge their responsibility for the current period,
Association Activities program, evaluate the size of revenues and costs and expenses to join Association and Association annual fees,
Election of Association president and other members of the board for the next period,
Choosing one or two accountants and CPA for the period after alternative,
Other titles listed in the meeting invitation.

If a member wants to agenda items to add meetings to discuss the meetings on them should they be in writing and delivered in the appropriate interval before the executive meeting to bring awareness.

Laws change and dissolution Forum

Changes in laws and dissolve the Association will be possible in Association meeting when at least three-quarters agreed with the opinion of the participants. Also change in laws and dissolve the Association should have sent through invitations to the members.

If the association to be dissolved, according to decisions of the meeting, the association investment should be spent on things to do in the beginning they were formed.