The history of Kung Fu Toa-21

Kung Fu To’A- 21 is an Iranian martial art. This style was founded by doctor Ahmed Salami. International Association of Kung Fu To’A- 21has been registered in 2010 in Finland. It also is one member of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education of Germany.

Master Salami, is a retired police colonel, and a former member of academic staff at NAJA University of Police in Tehran. He has graduated from Tarbiat Modares University with the degree of MA in Physical education providing scientific thesis “comparison two method Acupuncture and Physical therapy on backache patient”, and graduated from Baku University with the degree of PhD in Biomechanics providing scientific thesis “the effect of biomechanical movement on the blood, heart, and brain, between athletes and non-athletes”.

Kung Fo Toa-21 established under this Charter of the trilogy:

1- 21 Technical stages

2- Body and Mind Build up College basis.

3- Practical obligation to 7 scientific Maygah (Physiology, medicine, psychology, science and history essays, philosophy, spirit, zen)

This style have a statute including 27 articles, and it is the first style has approved and registered in Martial Arts Federation of Iran after 32 years of its activity. Based on Kung Fu Toa-21 charter and its approved statute, Hamrahs achieve the great improvement by pass academic lessons to increase scientific level. All of Hamrahs in the Wisdom Doctrine have to train body and spirit too, applying this verse of holly Quran “Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know?” (Zumar 9). Surely an educated Hamrah that is familiar to Physiological and Psychological sciences, will be more successful in practice and training. Hamrahs presents their articles and researches in multiple congresses held every year; more than 50 scientific congresses held in this style until now. Kung Fo Toa-21 not only is a martial art under Martial arts Federation of Iran, but also actives as a none governmental organization under Ministry of Interior Iran. This style has about 20 thousands students now, and it is increasing the enthusiasts of this local martial art day to day.